Step 1: Defining the Requirements / Specifications    (Types of Searches Conducted & Fees)

Comprehensive and candid discussions are held with the appropriate client contact - usually an executive - to gain a complete understanding of company operations and objectives as well as the specific skills, attributes and style of person they want to hire. These consultative discussions allow us to identify what the cultural fit of potential candidates looks like, and the required skills.

DSP's expertise and experience with similar assignments and industry knowledge is critical in helping to establish these position specifications and advising on existing market conditions.

DSP develops a specification, clearly defining the scope of the position, specific duties and requisite personal attributes. Each specification is reviewed with the client to ensure a clear and complete understanding, and throughout the search DSP maintains regular communication with the client.

Step 2: Candidate Development

With the specification as the guide, DSP uses its total resources to identify a broad universe of potential candidates. These resources include original research, data from similar assignments and direct referrals from our network of industry contacts.

Initial contact with selected individuals is made in a direct and confidential manner. Preliminary assessment of qualifications and interest is made through subsequent discussions and correspondence. After reviewing background information on each possible candidate, DSP conducts in-depth interviews with the most promising candidates to further evaluate qualifications, personality style and compatibility with the organization’s culture. Confidentiality is maintained to protect both client and candidate. DSP reveals the client's identity to viable candidates only at the appropriate time. The client receives a comprehensive report for review and discussion. Only those candidates found to be both qualified and genuinely interested in the position are recommended for client interview.

Step 3: Verification, Selection and Follow-up

Throughout the search process, DSP directs its efforts toward differentiating between the adequate individual and the candidate that best satisfies our client's requirement. Once the client has met and expressed an interest in an individual, DSP conducts a thorough investigation to verify background information and qualifications. Confidential inquiries are made with former employers and associates. The selection of the final candidate rests with the client; however, DSP  will help structure employment offers and negotiate terms, facilitate transition into the new position, and assist with relocation and other relevant matters. DSP's assistance with final details promotes acceptance, avoids misunderstandings and facilitates an orderly transition into the new position. DSP maintains contact with both the client and the successful candidate after the initial start date to ensure continued satisfaction.


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